Exovera to be featured at IAPC Denver in November


Exovera Chief Analyst and Program Manager Andrew Katona will be featured on a panel discussion at next month’s International Association of Political Consultants Conference from November 10-13. He’ll be joined on the panel by Elina Ollila of Showt, a the world’s first instant global voting platform.

Titled “Lines in the Sand: Polarizing Trends and How to Capture Them” the panel will be focused on the trends of polarization – from the media to the electorate – and how to capture and model them.

Stay tuned across all of Exovera’s social media channels for more info and content!

About the Conference

As the US gears up for the 2016 election, Denver is getting ready to welcome the IAPC. We’ve invited speakers, chosen a theme and found fantastic ways to introduce everyone to our city.

The theme of this year’s conference will be Populism and Global Challenges of Democracy. From Austria to the US, from Greece to Spain, we are witnessing a shift in worldwide democracy. Will centrist politics be pushed to the sidelines? Is this a momentary shake-up or a transformation?

Between the IAPC’s experienced and knowledgeable members, our renowned speakers, and our perspective from a swing state in the wake of a contentious election, the 2016 conference will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the future of global governance and politics.

View the conference program here.


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