Introducing Exovera’s Narrative Tracker

Narratives can be thought of as the way we interpret information around us and make sense of the world. Derived from own our experiences and learned biases, incompatible narratives help explain the bigger picture behind disagreements in public discourse. At Exovera, our mission is to track open source media (traditional and social) and provide actionable insights. Our Narrative Tracker automatically extracts competing narratives (and sub narratives) from press articles, broadcast, and social media posts and quantifies them so that users can see how the public discourse is changing over time.

For example, in the government arena, an organization like Customs and Border Protection needs to understand how Mexican and US citizens on either side of the immigration debate perceive border agents. The Mexican narrative derived from local and international media may suggest that border agents are seen negatively because they are viewed as too harsh on immigrants. By contrast, many in the US may see border agents negatively because they agree with a narrative about inadequate prevention of immigrants entering the US. How competing narratives are trending in the media is key to understanding public perception and can be used to predict outcomes. Just ask Hillary Clinton if the public narrative about her affected her election chances in the closing weeks of the 2016 campaign.

Similarly, in private industry, understanding the competing narratives associated with the competing perceptions of brands, can bring clarity to why sales might be increasing or decreasing.

Exovera provides a live example of its Narratives Tracker that looks at how the National Populist (right wing) perspective and the International Liberal (left wing) perspectives are presented in the media over time. The overall view is further subdivided in to sub narratives reflecting competing perspectives related to ethnicity, security, politics, and economics. Keep in mind that these classifications are automatically generated by Exovera from a representative sample of news articles from mainstream and more extreme outlets. Key example articles are listed and linked to the original sources for reference.

A sample graph of the Nationalist Populist narrative from April 9 to April 16

A sample graph of the International Liberal narrative from April 9 to April 16

Narratives reveal the true media picture on most any topic. Exovera’s Narrative Tracker is a tool that simplifies how organizations can maximize situational awareness, track and react to the events and trends that are forming the bigger picture from a variety of information sources. To learn more, contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions about Exovera’s ongoing Narratives project.


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