Mobile Application: Exovera NewsQuotes

Exovera invites users to try our new free NewsQuotes mobile application (beta) now available on Google Play. NewsQuotes allows you to explore a world of current conversations and ideas, laid bare through the most frequently published quotations by the most important leaders and influencers at any given moment. Because the news is driven by what influential people–and the organizations they represent–say, the application allows users to explore the biggest stories and trends in the most immediate and unfiltered way.

NewsQuotes, based on Exovera’s EV3 technology, works by aggregating data from an enormous cross-section of news sources and automatically identifies the statements and quotations most frequently published by the media in the last hour, day, or week. Quotations are searchable by subject area and by location, and even by the individual influencers you choose to follow. Individual tiles show each quotation and associated information, including who said it, where it was most recently published, and in what context (by topic and related content). This simple tool allows you to save searches, follow influencers, and save and share your favorite quotations. Set up alerts for new quotes by the people you follow, or simply swipe through the stack of quotes to stay on top of the news that matters to you.



Isolating quotes means cutting through the daily media storm. For instance, see how the two top key quotes above by opposing US Senators encapsulate the issues surrounding Republican efforts to pass the 2017 spending bill before a potential government shutdown. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks to Republicans supporting border security while disagreeing about whether to fund a border wall, and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) puts the ball in the court of the Republican-controlled executive and legislative branches. By capturing the words and ideas of key influencers, NewsQuotes allows users to tune into public narratives on topics and events as they develop in near real time.

Download the free app on Google Play and send us your questions and feedback here.


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