Interview with Exovera’s VP of Business Development Mike Veronis

Exoblog spoke to Vice President of Business Development Mike Veronis about his work and what is ahead for Exovera in the coming months.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what you work on at Exovera?

I’ve been involved in Natural Language Processing (NLP), data exploitation, and social media for most of my career, since the early days of online digital content in the late nineties. What a difference a few years has made in the amount and variety of available information and the opportunities to harness that in so many operational use cases.

My focus at Exovera is to take our capabilities into more government agencies, the core of our traditional customer base, and expand even more into commercial applications. The impact of polarizing narratives cannot be understated. Our situational awareness and analytics gives our customers eyes and ears around the world on what makes a difference to their professional mission each day. It’s a capability to know the real-time developments and thus puts our customers one step ahead of harmful narratives. This is a way to empower our customers with insights that gives them a critical advantage.

What is your primary focus area now?

Our overall objective is growth, both in commercial and government. We have a great deal of data that we harness and years’ worth of historical information that can provide insightful outcomes to customers looking to answer different business questions.

How can Exovera’s work help government/private sector?

Exovera provides our customers analyst-backed information advantage ahead of the curve in a time-saving and labor-saving way. For example, our historical event data can help the financial sector forecast global demand for certain commodities. Other data sets can help support global epidemic research that could help explain the reasons for upward trends in the disease and predictions of potential spikes. This data allows customers to have more credible insight with which to make decisions with greater certainty when traditional information is just not enough.

Where is Exovera going next?

We’ve put a great deal of investment and effort into building our data analytics platform and our goal now is to put it to work solving complex business problems using internet-sourced information, including social media. We are expanding our Narratives Tracker project to the next level and just released a free beta version of our NewsQuotes app on Google Play. With these types of tools, Exovera will work towards solving problems for as many industries as possible and provide clients with a continuous understanding of global events, economies, governments, influencers, and narratives that will ultimately impact them if left unnoticed.


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